We are a stimulating platform focused on believing in the intelligence of it’s readers who wish to share their point of views on a central theme with everyone. The synergy between the passion of collaborators and readers endow us with a special freedom to publish content created by us and by others online and in a contemporary culture magazine. Each magazine is splitted in two halves: Freyja for one side and Freyr on the other side meeting the editorials at some point. We began this first idea with a simple question on mind:

what is LOVE?

This anthology is an ambitious attempt to bridge the gap between the stages of Falling in Love, being In Love and Out of Love. In this first issue we celebrate excellence in both photography and written words with an erotic twist. Martina Matencio is Falling in Love, Mafer González is In Love and Jaume Illa Bonany is Out of Love.

We are constantly looking for Freyja and Freyr’s voice in our biannual editions.

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Visual Love Confessions

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